Sound Infusion for Libraries

Sound Infusion is a browser based audio platform created by Cultural Infusion. It contains recorded samples of instruments from 100 countries. A world map situates these instruments with an image, historical and cultural information and a sound sample.

The studio section allows users to select from over 5000 samples, then click and drag them to create their own music. Sound Infusion is easy to use and a great way for people to discover, create and share music from many different cultures.

Hear the world & Connect with communities.
Libraries can provide borrowers with codes to login either on site or to take home. A workshop providing a guided tour of Sound Infusion will be provided for staff professional development purposes. Additionally, Cultural Infusion presenters can be provided to help celebrate intercultural community events such as Chinese New Year and Harmony Day and bring your community together.

Access the world’s largest database of organic and high fidelity instrument samples.

Receive free professional development for librarians.

Access the studio from anywhere with our web based platform, compatible with any browser or operating system.

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per year
$5.45 for each additional tokens (min. 50)

Up to 100 tokens

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